I write for things a living.  Here are some of my favorites: 

A White Supremacist Strips Down (GQ, 2017)

Desk Chat: Trump's First 100 (The Daily Show Submission, 2017) 

Austria's Re-re-election (Last Week Tonight Submission, 2017)

5 Hot New Designs for the Confederate Flag (Jezebel, 2015)   

Urban Outfitters Ad - #WeAreAllNatives (Stupid Time Machine, 2014. Directed and Witten by CJ Hunt)

A City Devoured by Tigers (Medium, 2015) 

The Possible States of Eternal Damnation (Neutrons Protons, 2014)   

American Pharoah Celebrated, Ceremonially Drowned (Medium, 2015) 

Post-Apocalyptic Debate (Stupid Time Machine, 2011) 

The Race Card (Stupid Time Machine, 2012) 

Illustrated: The Story of Desegregation in 3 Pages (Funny Or Die, 2014. Written by CJ Hunt. Illustrated by Thyra Heder)

Web Series: Sunken City (Cookie Pig Productions, 2013. Co-written with Kyle June Williams) 

Article: Obama Caves, Lets Dog Sleep in Bed Again (Stupid Time Machine, 2010) 

Fake Sitcom Pitch: Three #Shitcoms about Pets (gocjhunt, 2014) 

Parody Review: An Unseen Movie Review of Safe House (gocjhunt, 2012